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While Stuntarmy is a nation wide group with countless riders and supporters, here on the parts supply side of the brand we interact with a range of talented riders whose love, passion and drive for constant progression is undoubtedly noticed. It's those riders who we here at Stuntarmy Products are proud to supply the best parts we have to offer. 

So check out our  supported riders and be sure to go give them a follow on Facebook and Instagram! 

Stay Humble My Friends. Our sponsored riders are above all just that. 


Youngest killer in the sport!!!



 A fourteen year from Indiana, already has multiple competiotion wins under his belt. A murdered on a grom, this kid will make you think twice before going head to head with him on the pavement. 

Gage Started stunt riding at 10 years old and raced from 5-10 years old so this kid knows his way around a motorcycle.

Competing against guys some times twice his age:

Some of Gages Achievements include:

Sbfc hazard 2016 

2nd  amateur freestyle 

1st mini moto freestyle 

Sbfc WI 2016 

3rd mini moto 

2nd amateur freestyle

Sbfc Atlanta 2017

2nd amateur freestyle

2nd circle challenge with all the pros 

6th mini moto freestyle

Sbfc pa 2017

Amateur 6th out of 19 

Mini moto 4th

1st grom 905 course 

Sbfc Birmingham 2017 

2nd amateur 

1st grom 905 course

5th mini moto

Sbfc hazard 2017

1st circle challenge with pros

2nd amateur 

5th mini moto freestyle 

Numerous sick trick comps

Dude date 2016 

King of the lot 2017

 Gage has been putting in more and more time on his  big bike and though being so young you can imagine the height and weight challenges he might face but this kid shows no fear clutching up high chairs on his F4I. 

Gages biggest fan and supporter is without a doubt his father Dale Sutton who makes sure gage always has what he needs to keep doing what they both love to do, Make wheelies!!! Stuntarmy Products couldn't ask for a more humble father-son duo to support. 

Thank you Dale and Gage for letting us support you and for repping our brand. I hope our Products hold up to the abuse, give them hell!!!